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Zingbox manga | Download manga reader app for Android/iOS

Zingbox is a best comic reader app available on internet for free. This is the great app for reading manga and comics. It includes the biggest manga library in the world from popular and verity of manga sources. Zingbox manga is a groovy place for manga junkies.

Zingbox is available in several languages, it supports upto 9 languages so we can read our favorite sources or comics in our favor language. It supports languages such as English, Espanol, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Portugues and more.

Zingbox manga reader app for Android/iOS

Threre are several manga sources available on Zingbox in English version we can have mangapanda, mangahere, mangafox, mangareader, mangapark and kissmanga. For Espanol users batoto, submanga and mangahere(ES) are available. Other language choosers can have mangaeden(IT), scanmanga, mangatube, batoto(DE), readmanga, unionmangas and more are usable via Zingbox.

Zingbox provides daily updated original comics such as Japanese Manga, Chinese Manhua, European Comics, Korean Manhwa and popular manga like Naruto, One Piece etc.

Zingbox has great features like paper rolling, page-turning and we can view it in landscape or portrait. We can download unlimited manga among our favorites via Zingbox and read manga fiction also.

Via setting option we can select our preferred language and manga source. With night mode feature screen brightness will be reduced for healthy user interface. Fullscreen mode enables us to read comics on fullscreen mode and hides navigation bar.

Zingbox manga available for both Android and iOS platforms. You can download Zingbox for your mobile device from it’s official website

Click below link to download Zingbox for Android and iOS.


Zingbox Manga reader

If you didn’t find Zingbox then you can go with other manga reader 


Zingbox manga app is one of the best application available for manga junkies with great user interface. Downloading unlimited content from biggest manga library and reading it in offline is better choice.

Download Tubi TV for PC

While Tubi TV is available online, the optimal experience is often found when using the Tubi TV application which is available on both iOS devices and Android devices. Unlike other services such as the entertainment giants Netflix and Amazon Prime, the service which Tubi TV offers is completely free and has absolutely no price tag attached. That’s right, all of your favourite movies and TV shows in one place for you to access at any time. As mentioned above, you’ll often find that you prefer using the mobile application over the website, although what if you wanted to watch Tubi TV for PC using the mobile application?

Tubi TV for PC

That’s where emulators come into play. An emulator basically allows you to use a platform which differs from the one that you use. For example, being able to run iOS 7 on your Windows computer. There are many emulators available to watch Tubi TV for PC, so let’s take a look at some of the best.


Bluestacks is perhaps one of the most well-known Android emulators available due to it being around for so long. Because of how popular the original program was, the developers have gone on to release a more recent version of the program, Bluestacks 2, which as shown to be a fantastic step forward. Bluestacks is a free program which is available to everyone, although many of the features which this emulator has to offer have shown to be of more value to gamers. Bluestacks if a very simple emulator and if you’ve never used an emulator before, it’s a great place to start.


While iOS emulators aren’t as popular as Android emulators are, Smartface is a common iOS emulator. The reason behind the popularity of Smartface is down to how popular it is among iOS app developers. The emulator itself offers a variety of features which, without a doubt, are mostly beneficial to developers, however it by no means prevents the average user from using it as a regular iOS emulator. If you’re looking to watch Tubi TV for PC with the use of an iOS emulator, it’s definitely worth checking Smartface out.


Droid4x is another Android emulator which again, has no price tag attached. While around the time that this emulator was released I would have gone against suggesting it, over the past year there have been several updates and improvements applied to this update which have dramatically improved the user friendliness along with the general performance. Not only is this great for watching Tubi TV for PC, but if you don’t have an Android device (e.g. mobile or tablet) but want to play some of the applications which are limited to Android, then because of the level of performance which Droid4x offers, it is without a doubt the best emulator out there.

Xamarin iOS Emulator

While a great emulator, the Xamarin iOS emulator is a little more complicated than your usual emulator due to how it is developed around the concept of a platform for iOS developers to test their applications on. While that’s the case, you are still provided with the flexibility which allows you to watch Tubi TV for PC. Similar to Smartface, the features offered by the Xamarin iOS Emulator show favourability towards developers, although this won’t prevent you from watching Tubi TV on your PC while using the iOS application to do so.

To Conclude…

Once you’ve chosen the emulator that you prefer most, all you have to do is treat it as if you were going to watch Tubi TV on your mobile device. If you’re looking to watch Tubi TV for PC, using one of the detailed emulators above is without a doubt the best option available, and the simplest.

How to Root Android devices without PC/Computer

How to root Android without PC or root Android phone without PC? If this is your question then you are at the bang-up place. Here you can find proper answer for your question. By using some applications or apks on our Android device we can root it without any involvement of PC. In case if you are not familiar with rooting or if you don’t know about rooting then you can aware of it by visiting my previous article about rooting “Root android”. Perchance you have already known about rooting want to know the process of root Android without PC then scroll down below for uncomplicated guide.

How to Root Android without PC? (Root Android phone or Tablet without PC/Computer)

  • At very first to initiate rooting process you need to fully charge your mobile phone/tablet.
  • Enable unknown sources on your device via Application settings or Security settings.
  • Download particular rooting app or apk into your device. If you have downloaded rooting apk on your PC move it to your Android device’s particular folder.
  • Install the downloaded apk or app and launch it on your device for Root options.
  • Choose appropriate Root option to root your device successfully.

Here I’m giving you the list of top 6 apps or applications available for rooting.

These below given apps can give you the solution to root Android without PC. After succeeding with rooting without PC you can proudly share with friends and answer the question “How to root Android without PC?”

  1. iRoot apk to root your Android device without PC

iRoot is one of the best and easiest way of rooting Android without PC. iRoot has enormous success rate and it supports more than 1 lakh models with various brands. iRoot using most advanced rooting technique so, you can have 93% success rate. I have tested and succeeded with many devices such as Samsung, Gionee, Sony, Tecno, Mercury, Infinix and other devices.

Visit below link to download latest iRoot apk

After installing iRoot application click on root button.

  1. Framaroot apk to root Android without PC

Framaroot is a simple one click app which can root all kinds of android devices. Using Framaroot we can also root MTK devices. This rooting apk also has high success rate while rooting without computer and it answers your question “how to root android without PC” chivalrously.

Hit on the below given link to download latest version of Framaroot to your device

  1. Universal Androot apk

Universal Androot is also a good option for rooting an Android device without using PC/Computer. You might not found an official website for it but, you can download it via some alternative sources those are listed below.

  1. Towel Root apk download

Towel root apk is developed by Geohot and it will help you to root Android device without involvement of PC/Computer. We recommend this application because it is successfully tested on Nexus 5, Note 3, GS4, Galaxy S5 and some other Android devices.

You can download Towel root application via below given website’s link

  1. Kingoapp rooting application

Kingoapp is most using and popularly known for its success rate while rooting an Android device. Kingoapp also helps to root Android without computer involvement.

You can download it by visiting below URL

  1. CF Auto root app

This is a new arrival developed by chainfire. We can easily root Samsung mobiles without PC/Computer by using this application. We tested this rooting application on other devices and it works better with eminent success rate. Just download appropriate version for your device and root successfully. Below link will take you to its official website.

Finally words: If you have done rooting your Android device and found an answer for “How to root android without PC or Computer” then it is time to check your device whether it is rooted successfully or not. You can do this by using Root checker app which available on Google Play store

How to Root Android devices

How to root android? Before knowing about rooting process it is better first we should know what is rooting? Rooting is a process of removing boundaries to achieve limitlessness on android devices. By rooting Android smartphones, tablets and other Android devices we can gain root access that means total control on our device. Rooting Android mobile operating system gives access to administrative that means super user permissions. In some cases rooting is performed to overcome limitations that put on android devices by network carriers or hardware manufacturers. Rooting gives the ability to change or replace system applications and settings. We can easily run applications which require administrative level permissions without any problems. Applications which are not available for normal android users can be usable via rooting process and we can also use android apps which are not available on Google Play store.

How to Root Android devices?

Rooting allows us to gain full control on kernel and full application control such as ability to backup, restore, batch edit application and remove pre-installed applications come on many phones. Use third party applications easily to customize your device. We may have the ability to change boot animation and install custom firmware.

However rooting a device may raise some problems. Once your device is rooted then your manufacturer warranty might become nothing. If you want to root your device then it is better to read instructions carefully. In case if you don’t know what you are doing then you will be misplace. According to experts rooting may raise some security problems.

There are several rooting applications or softwares available on internet to root your Android devices. In which maximum of applications need computer along with our Android device. In some cases or using some applications we can root a device without involvement of PC. There are rooting applications some are for free to use and some applications costs that means we need to buy to use them. As I stated previously to root your device there are some applications available on internet such as iRoot, Towelroot and Kingoapp etc…To know steps to root android(how to root android) you should visit rooting guides(tutorials).

How to Root Android device using PC/Computer

This guide (tutorial) is about how to root Android phone with PC or root Android phone/tablet with PC. So many people want to root Android without PC but, rooting Android with PC has high success rate than without Computer. Perchance while rooting data loss may occur so, with computer you can backup your mobile data easily and restore it later if any problem persists. Maximum of rooting applications or softwares has computer/PC involvement while rooting.

How to Root Android Phone with PC? (Root Android phone or tablet with computer)

  • Charge your computer and Android device at least 50% to avoid risk of shutting down of any device while rooting.
  • Download and install rooting software on your computer.
  • Now, enable USB debugging mode on your phone. Make sure that proper USB Android debug bridge drivers are installed for your phone model.
  • Open (Run) Android rooting software on your computer and connect your Android device via USB cable.
  • Finally click on “Root” option and wait for a while to complete rooting process. Do not interrupt your device while rooting.

Root Android device using computer software (4 ways)

  1. Kingoapp Root Software to root with PC

Kingoapp root software allows you to root your Android device with computer. You can have high success rate by using Kingoapp. This software works with almost all brands and it is easy to use with simple user interface. You can root and unroot in simple steps using Kingoapp.

Download Kingoapp software from the below link

  1. SRSRoot for PC

SRSRoot is the one click root tool and compatible with maximum of all devices including older versions of Android. SRSRoot also has one click unroot option. You can download it for windows PC via URL given below.

  1. KingRoot for computer

KingRoot is well known for its performance on MTK devices. We have tested this application on HTC and Motorola devices. We recommend this rooting software because new version of KingRoot almost works on all devices.

Go to KingRoot website through link provided here

  1. Vroot software

Finally the best rooting software which i have used most. In my experience Vroot worked for almost all older devices that I have tested. Best support for older operating system including Froyo.

You can get this software into your PC with given URL.

We reached to end of the article. You will definitely get succeeded with above mentioned rooting softwares and you can get rid of the question “How to root Android phone with PC or Root Android Phone/Table with PC Computer”. In case if you do not have a Computer/PC and you want to root without PC then visit link sign in | Facebook account login

In my previous post I have explained you about Facebook sign up procedure. Now, it is time to know about Facebook sign in routine or steps. If you have created a Facebook account and want to know the Facebook sign in routine then this is the very good place for you because here you will definitely obtain correct solution. Perhaps if you don’t have a FB account then you can create one by following Facebook sign up guide. As a fact to succeed with Facebook sign in procedure you should have already registered with else you will not be allowed to sign in. This entire sign in procedure needs security credentials to authenticate as requirements which are used or created during sign up or registration procedure. So, before authenticating with make sure that you have remembered your email or mobile number and password. Yes! You are right these are the security credentials that I have already told you about. Follow below guide to know clear and complete tutorial of Facebook login process.facebook sign in login

  • To initiate sign in process we need to have a sign in form for that visit URL com. You will be landed or taken to Facebook homepage.
  • If you have located you will see at right side of the top corner there are two boxes one is for Email/Mobile number and another one is for password. These are the security credentials needed for Facebook sign in. Every individual account will have unique primary security credential.
  • After entering those two security requirements please click on the blue button which is located next to two boxes.
  • Facebook will identify or validate your account using Email/Mobile number and Password. If given inputs are correct then you will be granted access to your account else an error will be shown.
  • Perchance if you forgot your password then click on forgot password option and choose a recovery option to regain access to your account.
  • In case if you are using mobile phones to access Facebook then you can sign in into Facebook by visiting in your web browsers. The sign in or login procedure is same for mobile version also and if your mobile is a supportive platform for Facebook messenger then you can download and install Facebook messenger on your device and sign in simply as I mentioned above.

We can surely say that you will be succeeded with Facebook sign in routine by using guide. Because we clearly explained everything about Facebook sign in. Follow same procedure each time while you want to Facebook login else click on keep me logged in.

Download Marvel Comics APK for Free

I’m totally a marvel junky and always stick with its characters. If you are also a marvel junky too then this is our place to know about marvel comics and download marvel comics apk to our android devices. Marvel this single word is famous one in comic world. Famous for its comic books, games, films, live shows, novels and television programs etc. Marvel presents its famous characters with great powers and weapons like Wolverine, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Daredevil, the Silver Surfer and Ghost Rider. Teams such as the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men, the Fantastic Four are from Marvel comics. Marvel comics have great market in today’s world. Now Marvel comics apk available for us to read our favorite characters via our android devices.

Download Marvel Comics APK for Free

Download Marvel Comics APK

By installing Marvel comics apk on our devices such as mobile or tablets we can download hundreds of comic books with single click. This Marvel comics apk has some great features like

  1. We can go through smashing series and stories on our device like never earlier by selecting an animated or panel by panel path through the comic. We can use steady settings to zoom and traverse across the story.
  2. By using Marvel comics account our downloads will be protected and backed up easily. If any loss happens or if want to upgrade our device then no need to worry we can find comics via Marvel comics account.
  3. More than 13,500 comics super heroes characters will be accessible via this application.
  4. There are free comics for us to download and more will be updated hebdomadally.

Download Marvel comics apk from the below links.



Using Marvel comics apk application we can browse or read and download hundreds of comic books to our android device. Back up feature with account is great feature available for us to use. Hey now download and install Marvel comics on your device and savor your favorite comic characters.

Best DVD Ripping Software | Free DVD Ripper Download

We need a software program to transfer video on our DVD to different formats, to edit easily and to backup our DVD content. This software program or DVD ripper facilitates us to copy content of DVD to a hard disk drive. Here I suggest the free and best DVD ripping software that is WinX DVD ripper. This software enables us to convert DVD video for playback on media players and on our mobile devices. We can easily rip videos,audios and subtitles with WinX DVD dvd ripping software free download

Winx DVD ripper is a best dvd ripping software for windows 10,8,7 and XP. It supports all veritable DVDs. We can also rip copy protected DVDs on our windows for free. This ripper easily removes DVD CSS. CSS means Content Scramble System, it is a encryption system employed on many commercially produced DVDs. It restricts DVD video access. UOP can be simply removed using WinX DVD ripper. User operation prohibition(UOP) is another type of restriction on video DVD. With 3 clicks only we can rip our DVD regardless of copy protection and locks.

Best support:

This Ripping software supports different type of DVD formats like DVD folder, DVD 5/9,DVD-R type,DVD-RW type, DVD ROM and more.

Great output:

Using this ripping software we can get more than 300 different output formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, MPEG, ISO, M4V etc…


Winx Ripper enables us to edit or adjust video or audio. We can easily adjust and add subtitle. Ripper enables us to trim, merge and crop a video.


Best DVD ripping software for free with great features. I suggest this application for ripping video DVD. It rips copy protected DVD also this is a great feature. registration | Facebook sign up for new account

Hello buddy, you might have heard about the social networking and communication website This is popularly known and most using website with huge number of users. Headquarters of Facebook is located in California. Facebook has more than two billion active users right now across the Globe. February 4th, 2004 was the launched of and it was done by Mark Zuckerberg. If you are a Facebook user then you can observe that user can create or make an individual profile, include different users as friends and send messages. To use Facebook, at first we need to perform Facebook sign up or Facebook registration via registration form available sign up page. After creating new Facebook account user can join into different type of groups. These groups can be of working environment, school, community or other interest. Actually there is an age restriction while creating Facebook account. People who are no less than 13 years of age are only allowed create new Facebook account.

Facebook user can do several actions with his/her account such as he/she can post status updates and photos, share status or photos and videos and receive notifications when others update their profile. Facebook is best known for its audio and video calling service. Several list of features helped FB to stand as a best social website are Notes, Gifts, Chat, Marketplace, Messaging, Voice calls, Video viewing, Video calling, Tor hidden service, Like button, User personal timeline, News feed, Privacy, send Friend requests, comment, poke, tag, edit, add, unlike, unfriend, follow, block, see friendship, notifications, pages, check in, share, use Facebook in favorite language and more. To use these entire splendid features one should have Facebook account. If you are new to and want know the sign up procedure then you can scroll down for Facebook sign up guide or Facebook registration guide.

facebook sign up

  • This is the simple tutorial regarding Facebook sign up. In this at first we need to visit popular and most known URL com. When we visit we will be taken to its homepage. There at the homepage we can notice a sign up form with input boxes and at the top a text line saying “Create an account”.
  • Now it’s time to begin FB registration, you have to fill out your first and last (surname) in the starting field that is name field. Your account or profile name will be shown to others depending on this name field. That means whatever you provide in the name field that will be acted as your profile name or account name.
  • After completing first field, we need to move further for second field. If it comes to second field it is about your Email or mobile number. Here you need to provide your email or mobile number. Email or mobile number will be verified or confirmed for your identity. Please provide correct Email address or mobile number because it is used as one of your security credential while performing Facebook sign in and more.
  • In following field repeat previous step that is re-enter your mobile number or Email address again.
  • Now choose a strong password for passwords field. Your password should be strong and unnatural then only it will be secure. While choosing password please avoid common names or words and line to make it more secure.
  • Select date of birth from the drop down. Choose correct date of birth, because depending on your account personal settings your birth date will be notified to others or to your friends on your birth date.
  • Opt Gender from the radio buttons; make your choice according to your gender. If you are male opt radio button next to Male else choose Female. After creating account if you are set to show your Gender to others on your account settings then it will be shown on your profile to others. So, make sure to choose Gender correctly.
  • Finally go through terms and data policy and click on “create an account”.
  • After completion of Facebook sign up you can have access to your account. You can sign in into your Facebook account by providing security credentials either it can be email or mobile number. Second security credential is password.