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While Tubi TV is available online, the optimal experience is often found when using the Tubi TV application which is available on both iOS devices and Android devices. Unlike other services such as the entertainment giants Netflix and Amazon Prime, the service which Tubi TV offers is completely free and has absolutely no price tag attached. That’s right, all of your favourite movies and TV shows in one place for you to access at any time. As mentioned above, you’ll often find that you prefer using the mobile application over the website, although what if you wanted to watch Tubi TV for PC using the mobile application?

Tubi TV for PC

That’s where emulators come into play. An emulator basically allows you to use a platform which differs from the one that you use. For example, being able to run iOS 7 on your Windows computer. There are many emulators available to watch Tubi TV for PC, so let’s take a look at some of the best.


Bluestacks is perhaps one of the most well-known Android emulators available due to it being around for so long. Because of how popular the original program was, the developers have gone on to release a more recent version of the program, Bluestacks 2, which as shown to be a fantastic step forward. Bluestacks is a free program which is available to everyone, although many of the features which this emulator has to offer have shown to be of more value to gamers. Bluestacks if a very simple emulator and if you’ve never used an emulator before, it’s a great place to start.


While iOS emulators aren’t as popular as Android emulators are, Smartface is a common iOS emulator. The reason behind the popularity of Smartface is down to how popular it is among iOS app developers. The emulator itself offers a variety of features which, without a doubt, are mostly beneficial to developers, however it by no means prevents the average user from using it as a regular iOS emulator. If you’re looking to watch Tubi TV for PC with the use of an iOS emulator, it’s definitely worth checking Smartface out.


Droid4x is another Android emulator which again, has no price tag attached. While around the time that this emulator was released I would have gone against suggesting it, over the past year there have been several updates and improvements applied to this update which have dramatically improved the user friendliness along with the general performance. Not only is this great for watching Tubi TV for PC, but if you don’t have an Android device (e.g. mobile or tablet) but want to play some of the applications which are limited to Android, then because of the level of performance which Droid4x offers, it is without a doubt the best emulator out there.

Xamarin iOS Emulator

While a great emulator, the Xamarin iOS emulator is a little more complicated than your usual emulator due to how it is developed around the concept of a platform for iOS developers to test their applications on. While that’s the case, you are still provided with the flexibility which allows you to watch Tubi TV for PC. Similar to Smartface, the features offered by the Xamarin iOS Emulator show favourability towards developers, although this won’t prevent you from watching Tubi TV on your PC while using the iOS application to do so.

To Conclude…

Once you’ve chosen the emulator that you prefer most, all you have to do is treat it as if you were going to watch Tubi TV on your mobile device. If you’re looking to watch Tubi TV for PC, using one of the detailed emulators above is without a doubt the best option available, and the simplest.

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