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Hello buddy, you might have heard about the social networking and communication website www.facebook.com. This is popularly known and most using website with huge number of users. Headquarters of Facebook is located in California. Facebook has more than two billion active users right now across the Globe. February 4th, 2004 was the launched of www.fecebook.com and it was done by Mark Zuckerberg. If you are a Facebook user then you can observe that user can create or make an individual profile, include different users as friends and send messages. To use Facebook, at first we need to perform Facebook sign up or Facebook registration via registration form available facebook.com sign up page. After creating new Facebook account user can join into different type of groups. These groups can be of working environment, school, community or other interest. Actually there is an age restriction while creating Facebook account. People who are no less than 13 years of age are only allowed create new Facebook account.

Facebook user can do several actions with his/her account such as he/she can post status updates and photos, share status or photos and videos and receive notifications when others update their profile. Facebook is best known for its audio and video calling service. Several list of features helped FB to stand as a best social website are Notes, Gifts, Chat, Marketplace, Messaging, Voice calls, Video viewing, Video calling, Tor hidden service, Like button, User personal timeline, News feed, Privacy, send Friend requests, comment, poke, tag, edit, add, unlike, unfriend, follow, block, see friendship, notifications, pages, check in, share, use Facebook in favorite language and more. To use these entire splendid features one should have Facebook account. If you are new to www.facebook.com and want know the sign up procedure then you can scroll down for Facebook sign up guide or Facebook registration guide.

facebook sign up

  • This is the simple tutorial regarding Facebook sign up. In this at first we need to visit popular and most known URL com. When we visit we will be taken to its homepage. There at the homepage we can notice a sign up form with input boxes and at the top a text line saying “Create an account”.
  • Now it’s time to begin FB registration, you have to fill out your first and last (surname) in the starting field that is name field. Your account or profile name will be shown to others depending on this name field. That means whatever you provide in the name field that will be acted as your profile name or account name.
  • After completing first field, we need to move further for second field. If it comes to second field it is about your Email or mobile number. Here you need to provide your email or mobile number. Email or mobile number will be verified or confirmed for your identity. Please provide correct Email address or mobile number because it is used as one of your security credential while performing Facebook sign in and more.
  • In following field repeat previous step that is re-enter your mobile number or Email address again.
  • Now choose a strong password for passwords field. Your password should be strong and unnatural then only it will be secure. While choosing password please avoid common names or words and line to make it more secure.
  • Select date of birth from the drop down. Choose correct date of birth, because depending on your account personal settings your birth date will be notified to others or to your friends on your birth date.
  • Opt Gender from the radio buttons; make your choice according to your gender. If you are male opt radio button next to Male else choose Female. After creating account if you are set to show your Gender to others on your account settings then it will be shown on your profile to others. So, make sure to choose Gender correctly.
  • Finally go through terms and data policy and click on “create an account”.
  • After completion of Facebook sign up you can have access to your account. You can sign in into your Facebook account by providing security credentials either it can be email or mobile number. Second security credential is password.

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