Tubemate app for android

Do you want to download all of your favorite songs? Now you have the option of downloading Tubemate YouTube Downloader, a complete Android application with which you can search and download songs from cell phone, tablet or desktop. The Tubemate app for android has a higher range of options like selecting the pre-determined video pixels, selecting the quality of downloading the video or downloading sound to MP3 or MP4.

Tubemate App for Android

It is an essential application for easy and fast downloading for your most favorite songs collection and those you need to watch later multiple time. However, it’s true that it’s more needed in Android mobiles, since it takes huge data from our purchased mobile data to watch an online video again and again. You can use it efficiently to download the songs, movies, and videos.

Tubemate is a best YouTube downloader. You can download all types of songs which are accessible on YouTube without any option limits with this application. You can save your files precisely to your SD card memory and then see them for free at any point at a later stage.

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The quickest, most popular YouTube downloader is considered Tubemate. It will also help you to quickly track, share your YouTube songs or videos and download them. With MP3 video converter Tubemate easily wins ideal for changing videos into MP3.

How to download videos using Tubemate

Tubemate app for android, video downloader is an excellent third-party application. There is easy to use interface and videos are available for download from several video sharing sites. It comes with an integrated browser that allows you to access the websites you want. The video can be downloaded from the favorite site.

The video quality and file format is also available before downloading by Tubemate. The videos that you download are stored automatically in your phone memory. You can also choose to download YouTube videos for MP3, but additional video for the MP3 converter application is required. Tubemate is an excellent Android video downloader, overall, but there are many ads that appear from time to time.

Overview of how to download Tubemate app free download for Android: Go to the website from where you want to download the video after opening the app. Select from the search results your desired video. The video quality you want will be prompted by Tubemate. You can tap the download button after you have chosen the quality and resolution of the video.

How to download YouTube videos with Tubemate (Step by Step)

With good reason: it is easy to use and has the features you can use without any effort. Tubemate is one of the most popular tools to download YouTube videos on Android smartphones.

  1. Install Tubemate app free download for Android

The Tubemate video downloader is not available on Google Play Store (Google doesn’t really want to download YouTube), so that you can install and execute applications you download from anywhere on your Android device. You will want to make sure that you only download apps you know are safe, and be careful to turn on this setting.

  1. Go to ‘Security,’ after opening ‘Settings.’
  2. Tap the toggle to turn the setting on.
  3. Scroll down and go where it says ‘Unknown sources.’ Select ‘Allow’
  4. Now visit the Tubemate YouTube Downloader on your Android device and select one of the sites that are verified


  1. Choose a video to download

A warning message on the download of APK files may be displayed, so click on’ OK’ to allow. Upon downloading Tubemate, execute the file and tap ‘Install,’ then tap ‘Open.’ Then you’ll be told video downloader permissions must be executed. Let it go ahead and the app will start if you are pleased to proceed.

Tubemate app for android looks a bit like the official, black- backed YouTube Android app. Look for a video and start playing, tap the red button ‘Download’ which appears in the bottom right corner.

  1. Download the video

A list of formats is the next thing you see. You will be given different quality and resolution options for each video and audio format. If you have a high-end device, download the highest quality videos, but remember that the higher the resolution, the larger the file: when there is not enough space for your phone or tablet, downloaded YouTube videos will fill out the space soon.

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Tap again the red button ‘Download.’ The video will start downloading in the background so you can continue to use your phone as normal. The YouTube videos can be added in a queue for later download. This is useful if you use 4G at the moment and want to wait for Wi-Fi before downloading any big files.


  1. The first feature is its quick download mode (with different download associations)
  2. Selections for determining multiple downloads
  3. Multi- download background
  4. Download Resume
  5. Convert to MP3 (MP3 Converter control)
  6. Video/audio playlist (powered by Meridian Player)
  7. Using Google, Twitter or Facebook, you can share your downloaded video
  8. Recommendations for search and related songs
  9. Save your song and make playlists


  1. Tubemate app for android is provided for the download of Mp3 music documents in a helpful and reliable manner
  2. You can download melodies from YouTube
  3. You can convert to Mp3 songs and you can find precise files information
  4. It’s a best free download device for the YouTube playlist
  5. It also offers reliable ways to download music online
  6. It gives the most advanced download experience of videos in the fast and easy way
  7. In addition, you can remove unwanted bits with the Mp3 cutter
  8. You can have Tubemate app free download for Android

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