Vidmate APP Free Download

Vidmate APP and its Features

It is totally free

One of the best things about it is that you can free download Vidmate app. We often try to find the best possible app that can provide us multiple things such as downloading videos for free, or watching Live TV streams, and so on. Vidmate app is one of the best applications of its kind, it provides you many different options and it has so many different features. And the one of the best thing is that you don’t have to give a single dollar for this app.

It can download videos for free

Have you ever wanted to watch movie on the trips, but you didn’t have Internet connection or Wireless connection. Well Vidmate gives you option of downloading videos for free, and watch them later without any Internet connection. This is made in order to make your trips more amusing, but also you can use this option in variety of other ways. Just imagine that you have limited Internet data, but enough to watch movie once. Instead of wasting Internet data for watching online, you can download it once and then watch it as many times as you want. There are many ways of use, you just need to be creative to find the most interesting one.

Vidmate App Free Download

Fast downloading

Another reason why is Vidmate app one of the best is because it can download video in matter of seconds. You don’t have to wait hours and hours of downloading with other slow applications. Vidmate is the most convenient application when you need to download some movie or other video fast and easy. Vidmate is designed in that way so it puts downloading on the top of priorities, and it subjects all resources to the downloading. It also have its own FastDownload mode, all you need to do is to change download speed in settings to 4. Just imagine situation that you need to go on trip, but you forgot to download movie, Vidmate can download movie in just couple seconds..

It has simple and practical User Interface

There are a lot of so complicated applications which have so tough User Interface. It is not the case with Vidmate. It is designed in order to provide user easy and high-quality service. You don’t have to search on Internet about instructions how to use Vidmate; you can just use it intuitively.

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Downloading is simple

You don’t have to search all those buttons and fake links, only thing you need to do is to put URL of video in User Interface, and you will get your video. This can save your so important nerves. It is simple for use, and it additionally saves your time.

You can download multiple videos simultaneously

This is another very useful feature. You have too many short videos to download, but you don’t have that much time. Also it is complicated and hard to download bunch of videos one by one. This feature can save you additional time and it can be useful in many occasions.

Live TV streaming

Vidmate has over 200 TV channels you can watch online. There are many good things about this. You can watch TV without buffering. Also you can use even 2G or 3G connection for watching Live TV, so you don’t have to worry too much about how your internet connection is strong. Vidmate also trying to provide more and more channels every month.

You can edit videos

Are you creative soul, you want to add stickers, fix things and change colors? Well, Vidmate app has option of editing videos too. This can be very helpful when some idea occurs to you. This feature gives so many possibilities and options you can use.

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Downloading Music for free

This is very useful feature when it comes to the memory of the smart phone. You don’t have to download whole music video. This can give you possibility of downloading music only, and eventually it can save a lot of memory. Also this can be useful when someone cannot find music video, but he can find MP3 file. So this gives Vidmate another dimension of usage.

It can convert to MP3 too

This is just another one helpful feature. So if you want you can only convert your video to mp3 format, and you will get your music, audio book or something else. There are lots of options how you can use this feature, and the choice is only up to you.

You can choose quality and resolution of video

Is there anyone who has never had problem with poor video quality, or poor video resolution? Well, Vidmate can solve that problem. It provides you possibility of choosing video quality and resolution; of course it can’t make much from nothing. If the quality of the video is enormously poor quality, you can’t expect so good results.

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You are not limited by website

When it comes to the website source, there are no limits. You can basically download from any kind of website. Only thing you need for downloading is URL, as I previously mentioned.

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